Fight Direction


Storefront Survival Kit

February 23 - March 23 (5 weeks)

Learn the foundational skills of stage combat in Chicago theatre. This class will focus on the slaps, grapples, punches and other techniques that make up the vast majority of fight scenes in Chicago. Designed to hone the basics so you can walk into your next fight rehearsal with confidence.

Saturdays 2-4:30

Strawdog Theatre Company, 1802 W Berenice


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Theatrical Fight Direction


In the Canyon    

You for Me for You

American Hero

Death of a Salesman 

The Hard Problem      



Gem of the Ocean         

White Guy on the Bus


Tamer of Horses           

Lord of the Flies (Assist)

Suddenly Last Sumer

Watch on the Rhine       

Hank Williams: Lost Highway

Great Expectations       

Film Fight Direction


Broken Hearts    


Raven Theatre Elly Green

Jackalope Theatre Elly Green

Sideshow Theatre Elly Green

First Floor Theatre Cody Estle

Redtwist Theatre Steve Scott

Court Theatre Charlie Newell

Court Theatre Devon DeMayo

Victory Gardens Theatre Joanie Schultz

Court Theatre Ron OJ Parson

Northlight Theatre BJ Jones

Steep Theatre Company Joanie Schultz

Teatro Vista Ron OJ Parson

Steppenwolf Theatre Helena Kayes

Raven Theatre Jason Gerace

The Artistic Home Cody Estle

American Blues Theatre Damon Kiley

Strawdog Theatre Jason Gerace

Cruz and Company Logan Kibens

Moore Productions Zach Moore

Columbia TV Miles Spagnola